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WISW - Hope Lewandoski

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Women continue to be a force in the world of sports, and we’re here to discuss them further!

Join us for my new blog feature: Women in Sports Wednesday.

On select Wednesdays, I will highlight a different badass woman who is making a name for themselves in the world of college or professional sports.

#WISW aims to recognize the achievements of women in the sports industry as well as promote opportunities for younger girls who strive to be just like them one day.

This stacked lineup comes from a variety of backgrounds, work in different sports, and have unique roles. Stay tuned to learn more about these amazing women and their impressive careers in sports.

Leading us off: Hope Lewandoski

Name: Hope Lewandoski


  • University of Maryland - B.S. Kinesiology

  • University of Maryland - M.S. Business and Management

Athletic Career :
University of Maryland
Division I, Big Ten Conference
  • Sport: Soccer

  • Position: Midfield

  • Favorite Memory: Scoring the game-winning goal against ranked Rutgers at their place.

What made you pursue a career in the sports industry?

Hope: Sports have been a part of my life since before I could even remember. Being a part of the game, whether playing, watching from afar, or working on the sidelines, will forever bring me joy that is not replicable and I have also promised myself that I will always work in a space that will bring me joy. Additionally, I had so many amazing people that were there for me and helped me grow as a collegiate athlete and I knew right away that I wanted to be in a similar role in the future, helping student-athletes have an even better experience than I did.

Favorite part of your current job?

Hope: The people. Whether it be the staff members that I interact with on a daily basis or the guys on the team... they are the ones that help me, push me to be a better version of myself, and bring a smile to my face whenever I need it. And then to turn around and see them perform at their best and succeed on and off the field, knowing all of the hard work that goes into it.. The feeling is priceless.

Most challenging part of your current job?

Hope: As a younger woman in sports, your credibility will be challenged. You are asked to go above and beyond to prove yourself while being consistently pushed to the limit... testing to see if you will break. You are slighted and disrespected in ways that seem harmless, forcing you to make the decision to stand up for yourself or let it slide over and over again. And the expectations will always be different for a woman. The way you dress, joke around with co-workers, and interact with athletes… As unfair or ridiculous as they may seem... working for a male-sports team, you have to adapt or won't stand a chance of being taken seriously.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in sports?

Hope: To be a woman in sports proves to me how strong I am. That while obstacles have been created, past and present so that I wouldn't belong in this space... here I am. Thriving. And I want to make an impact on every single person that I come across, slowly changing the way women are seen in this space. I work hard so that the women after me can do more than I ever could.

What advice would you give to younger girls who one day want to work in the sports industry?

Hope: Find a mentor who has been working in the industry and have real conversations with them. Learn from their experiences and lean on them when you need them. And never let anyone tell you that your dreams are not reachable because you may be the only woman in the room.



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