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3 Simple (But Effective) Pieces of Advice I'd Give Anyone Starting in Baseball Operations

I have been working in professional baseball for 10 months.

Here are 3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice I'd give anyone starting out (or who wants to get started):

Advice #1: Be present where your feet are

Be elite at the job in front of you. Dominate the fundamentals in your current work. You need to gain the necessary experience to get you to where you want to go.

Stop trying to fast-track your way to a GM job.

Your focus should be providing value to the organization in the current role you’re in.

Advice #2: Have a skill that other people don’t

Breaking into Baseball is not easy. Thousands of people want to work for an MLB team. Being passionate and hardworking isn’t enough.

You need to stand out.

Here are a few distinct skills: knowing Spanish, understanding MLB statistical analysis, the ability to identify and evaluate players, being able to teach and connect with players, a foundation of player arbitration research, hitting and pitching biomechanics, etc.

What skill do you have or can you develop that will set you apart?

Advice #3: Find unique ways to add value

Showcase your creativity, be forward-thinking, and remain curious.

Think outside the box and find ways to help fill your organization’s gaps. Explore avenues you’re curious about and keep your eyes open for different ways you can apply your strengths.

Your first position in baseball is what you make of it - find ways to learn, challenge yourself, and grow.

Although I’m still in the early stage of my career, these are 3 things that helped me break into the game and that I continue to implement in my current role.

Want to learn more?

If you’re a prospective MLB employee or are early on in your Baseball Operations career, I highly recommend reading Do You Want to Work in Baseball? It’s filled with valuable insights from Bill Geivett, a mentor of mine who has been instrumental in my own career in Baseball.



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