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Celebrating Women in Sports - Happy N.G.W.S.D!

Today, February 1st is National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

As a former female athlete and woman who currently works in Major League Baseball, I take pride in being a Woman in Sports.

My Softball Career

When I was in middle school I dreamt of playing high-level college softball one day. I ended up playing Division I, internationally for the Italian National Team, and professionally in Europe. I poured myself into the sport and it definitely returned the favor - giving me invaluable life lessons, incredible relationships, and experiences that I dreamt of as a little girl. Being an athlete allowed me to develop my work ethic, inspired a passion for training and coaching, and taught me how to become a leader.

And Now...

When it was time to hang up the softball cleats last May, I had a new goal and sport in mind - to work in baseball. The intangible skills I learned from competing as an athlete allowed for a seamless transition into the workplace.

Fearlessly follow your passions. Be confident because you're capable. Keep supporting, celebrating, and inspiring women in every aspect of sports.

To the young female athletes with goals to play at the next level and the girls who would love to work in sports one day ...

Dream BIG, work hard, and you'll make it happen.



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