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Self Love? Look no further than the Top Song in the US right now

My coworker told me to listen to Flowers by Miley Cyrus when it first came out a few weeks ago. He said it was "so me".

I'm not sure if he was referring to how incredibly single I am, my independent personality, or maybe a little bit of both ... either way I'll take it.

I'm Team Swiftie till I die, but I do like the overall message of Miley's new song that is currently sitting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Let's take a dive into Flowers:

"Started to cry but then remembered I ... I can buy myself flowers Write my name in the sand Talk to myself for hours Say things you don't understand I can take myself dancing And I can hold my own hand Yeah, I can love me better than you can"

I'd probably be sad at first too if I no longer had a boyfriend that looked like Liam Hemsworth.

But then, Miley remembers how others can only add to her happiness, not make or break it. That's right - she is the sole source of her own happiness.

Miley realizes she is her own best company.

Why? Because she is content, happy, and secure with herself.

She doesn't rely on Liam's validation anymore - all she needs is her own.

The chorus of Flowers reminds us to take the time to transform our most important relationship - the one with ourselves.

No one can fill the void that's within you but you. Others can only simply add value to your pre-existing self-beliefs.

Do more things solo that make your eyes light up.

Go out and treat yourself more often.

Shower yourself with feel-good affirmations every day.

As Miley reminds us...

You hold all the power.



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