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Kicking off the 2023 Season - Advice for College Baseball and Softball Players!

T-minus 1 week until the D1 College Softball season starts and 2 weeks until D1 College Baseball!

Here are 3 pieces of advice for college softball and baseball players getting ready for Opening day of the 2023 season:

1. Pre-Game: Peak performance starts way before you get to the field!

What do YOU need to do before the game to feel your best?

This is hours before 1st pitch, and often the day before or even days leading up to a series.

Have personalized pre-game habits for peak performance.

Exs: visualize your at-bats before you go to sleep, watch film on the opposing pitchers, take care of your body in the training room, get extra focused reps off the hack attack, fuel properly, prioritize your sleep, have a jam session with teammates in the locker room, etc.

2. In-Game: Trust your preparation come game time.

Time to leave your mechanics alone.

Let your eyes and instincts take over.

As one of my favorite coaches, Mike Larabee, used to tell us on game day … "The hay is in the barn".

The disciplined training and focused prep work are done - go out and play freely.

3. Post-Game: Take time to reflect

Whether you were a human highlight reel or went 0-4 with 3 punchouts - take a few minutes to reflect on your performance.

Don't immediately scroll Tik Tok. Create a folder in the Notes app of your phone or have a notebook dedicated to your performance mindset, feelings, and planning. Did you stick to your routines? How was your self-talk? What pitches should you expect to see tomorrow? How could you have taken a better route to the ball in the gap?

Your JOG (journal of greatness) is a tool you can use to both learn from setbacks and review your past highlights.

You will have a rough series. There will be weekends in the box where it looks like a beach ball is coming at you. Experiencing the lows make the highs that much better.

Remember you get to play the sport you love at a level you dreamed of as a little leaguer.

Here's to a kickass 2023 season!



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