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The Routine Checklist for Baseball/Softball: Are They Genuine, Repeatable, and Effective?

Prep don’t pray.

Elite athletes prepare by crafting routines in team practice and individual training environments that they can easily access once the game starts. Inconsistent athletes pray for positive results once its game time - getting externally distracted and letting the stressors of the game affect their mindset.

Create then stay disciplined to your routines once the lights come on rather than praying you won’t go 0-4 again tonight.

Here’s a 3-part routine checklist to start preparing for peak performance, rather than praying for it.

1. Genuine

Just because your favorite MLB player draws initials in the dirt as part of their pre-pitch routine doesn’t mean you need to. Whatever it is: an intentional breath, a visual cue, a feel-good power phrase, adjusting your batting gloves, touching the plate, etc. Your routine needs to mean something to YOU! It’s ok to look at what the best players do for some inspiration - but personalize your own. Your pre-pitch routine should be meaningful… not just to look cool or appear intimidating to the opposing hitter or pitcher.

2. Repeatable

Can you take your routine from team practice and training into the game? If it’s too long in between pitches or you can’t smoothly transition the process to the game… it’s probably time to go back to the drawing board and refine it.

3. Effective

Your routine should allow your game performance to become consistent. How do you know if they “work”? If they make you feel good, drive your confidence level up, slow you down, and create a “hey I’ve been here before” feeling.

Confidence is a byproduct of preparation. You become more confident when you trust the work you already put in and have routines to anchor yourself to.

What trigger word or action can be part of your pre-pitch routine to allow you to play more calmly, confidently, and internally in the 2023 season?



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