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Stop Scrolling Between Sets! 3 things to do in the Gym instead.

Time to stop scrolling your Instagram feed or sifting through Spotify to find the perfect song for your next work set.

How long you rest in between sets will vary based on what your training focus is (whether it's power, strength, hypertrophy, or muscular endurance).

General ranges: maximizing strength and power (2+ min), hypertrophy (30-90 sec), and endurance (<1 min).

The bottom line, whatever your training focus is, you need adequate rest between sets.

Rest time can be spent in more efficient ways than with your phone in your hands.

Waste less time in the gym and remain focused during your workouts with these 3 alternatives to doom-scrolling:

#1) Go over your form cues

Internally rehearse form cues. Maybe you're squatting - remind yourself to "press the floor away" when you're at the bottom of your next squat to stand. Physically practice form cues you're trying to feel without weights. Let's say you're doing a pullup or deadlift - try to practice initiating those movements "scaps down into your back pockets" without touching a bar/barbell.

#2) Focus on your breathing

Use the power of the breath to bring your heart rate down between sets. Aim to breathe in through your nose and have a controlled exhale out through your nose ... a great signal that you've begun to bring your heart rate down.

#3) Hype yourself up

Rest times are great for self-talk. Become aware of your internal dialogue next time you do a workout. Replace "damn, my legs hurt" and "I'm tired" with using the second person (you) ... "you can do this", "you're a badass", and "you can push one more". Hype yourself up for putting in the work to get better. Be your own biggest fan - encouraging, motivating, and reassuring.



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