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3 Topics I Am Exploring Right Now

Here are 3 topics I have been actively thinking about a lot recently:

Topic #1: Learning Spanish

I am interested in learning Spanish because it's a valuable skill to have if you work in professional baseball. Being able to connect with Hispanic and Latino players is a major asset within baseball operations, especially in player development.

And my hope is that over the next year, as I continue to learn and practice speaking more, I'll be able to confidently engage in conversation with our Spanish-speaking players and staff.

Tool - Daily practice on Duolingo App

Topic #2: Meditation

I first got interested in meditation about 2 months ago.

I saw an Instagram ad for a free-year of daily, personalized meditation via @balanceapp —and since then, I have built up a 61-day streak and have seen improvements in my sleep, focus, and overall mindset.

I love how Balance breaks meditation down into concrete, trainable skills, and how it tracks the time and progress you spend practicing each skill.

Personalization and progress-tracking have made it easy for me to develop an everyday meditation practice.

If you’re new to meditation, I would recommend getting Balance.

Habit- Daily morning and evening practice on Balance App

Topic #3: Mobility

I also have an interest in learning more about mobility.

It's a fun area I find myself exploring because I like to blend my interests in yoga, strength and conditioning, and baseball/softball.

Before my own lifts, I have been dedicating part of my warmup to mobility and movement prep - choosing 3-5 exercises to increase range of motion and address limitations in areas such as my hips, t-spine, and shoulders.

I also have been incorporating 10-15 minutes of morning and evening movement with short yoga Youtube videos to start and end my day (Yoga with Kassandra is my favorite channel).

Action: mobility during lift warmups + mini daily morning and evening yoga sessions

It would be great to connect with other people who are interested in these same topics—so if any of the above resonates, feel free to reach out!



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