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4 Weight Room Mistakes to Avoid if you want your Gains to Show Up on the Baseball Field …

An effective strength and conditioning program can

1. translate to sport-specific mechanics and 2. keep you healthy

Weight Room concepts, drills, and exercises should replicate the imposed demands of Baseball.

Let’s become aware of 4 common mistakes to avoid if we want our strength, speed, and power work to translate to the diamond.

Mistake 1: Only lifting heavy and slow to build strength

Baseball players need to be able to produce force in a shorter period of time due to quick, explosive on-field movements.

Mistake 2: The majority of your training involves exercises in the sagittal plane

Become powerful and efficient in the frontal and transverse planes as well to mimic planes of motion utilized in baseball.

sagittal — think up and down, forward and backward movements

frontal — think side-to-side movements

transverse — think twisting/rotational movements

Mistake 3: Neglecting mobility work

Athletes who lift heavy weights can lose range of motion in exchange for muscular strength. Address poor movement patterns to restore and maintain mobility, fluidity of motion, and range of motion.

Mistake 4: Infrequent speed development sessions

Having speed can be a difference maker. Focusing on speed development can increase on-field speed, agility, and quickness.


Train rate of force development, do more frontal and transverse plane movements, integrate mobility, and become more consistent in your speed work to put yourself in the best position for your hard work in the weight room to show up in your on-field performance!

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