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5 Tips to Build More Muscle this Off Season

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

It's time to get stronger... watch the work you put in now show up on the field in the spring!

#1 - Aim to be in a Calorie Surplus

You have to consume more calories than you are burning during training.

If you’re increasing your training workload, you should also be increasing your calorie intake if putting on muscle mass is your goal!

During training, your muscles are being broken down

Increasing calorie intake gives your body more energy to repair muscles →

you’re able to build bigger + stronger muscles!

Calories in > Calories Out = Calorie Surplus

#2 - Eat Every Few Hours

It can be challenging to consume enough calories in just three meals. Consume food throughout the day, ideally every 3 hours! Having protein-packed snacks can help your body recover from training, provide an energy boost between meals, and aid in increasing overall protein intake throughout the day.

#3 - Incorporate Nutrient-Dense Foods Daily

Nutrient-dense foods are high in carbohydrates and other nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Incorporate more of these into your snacks and meals!

  • Ex: whole-grain breads and cereals, oats, rice, beans, pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts and nut butters, seeds, fish, and lean meats.

VS. Nutrient-poor foods that tend to be processed and high in sugar and fat. They taste good, but they don’t give your body the nutrients needed for optimal performance. Try to limit/enjoy these in moderation.

  • Ex: packaged treats such as cookies, donuts, and cakes with unpronounceable ingredients on the label, beverages with added sugar (soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks).

#4 - Train Hard 3-5x/week

In Baseball/Softball, we swing, sprint, and throw… all movements that require explosive power. Your off-field training should focus on helping you become more powerful and explosive on the field.

Train hard 3-5 days per week focusing on foundational movement patterns

  • squat

  • hinge

  • push

  • pull

  • and single-leg training

In addition to strength training, your workouts should also incorporate sprinting, medicine ball exercises, and jumping + plyometrics.

Tip #5 - Prioritize Rest and Recovery

Your muscles grow when they’re resting and recovering, so nail the basics down.

The most effective form of recovery is free. Sleep.

Optimize your sleep quality and quantity. Prioritize 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

In addition to sleep, nutrition and hydration make up your recovery foundation.

You can build on your recovery foundation with other strategies such as stretching, mobility work, and foam rolling.

From there, then you can experiment with incorporating other “fancier” recovery methods such as compression pants, hot/cold water immersion, massage guns, etc.

Use the upcoming offseason to your advantage ... be a standout on the diamond in the spring!

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