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5 Myths you probably believe about Negotiation

Negotiations in Business Management was easily one of my favorite grad classes.

Before I took the class, I was excited because I figured I would be good at negotiating due to my D-style personality. DISC personality assessment "D's" .. are often described as direct, demanding, and willing to accept challenges.

Turns out there's more to negotiating than just being strong-willed and outspoken 🤷🏽‍♀️

Being able to negotiate plays a role in both our professional AND personal lives. Anytime you cannot achieve your objectives without the cooperation of others, you are negotiating.

It's not all salaries and contracts.

Let's say you have a craving for Chipotle, but your partner wants Chick-Fil-A... hey look you're negotiating! 😱

Let's debunk 5 myths about negotiation so you can better understand a skill that is important for business and life.

Myth #1: Good negotiators are naturally gifted

Being able to negotiate is not something you are born with. Negotiation skills are honed with practice and feedback.

Myth #2: To be successful you have to be tough

Successful negotiators instead are principled. They understand the power of relationships, trust, and working effectively with the other party. At the same time, they know how to leverage their own power and strengths.

Myth #3: Negotiation outcomes are always one-sided

Most negotiation outcomes instead are variable-sum, meaning if parties work together they can create joint value. Negotiation can be integrative and involve capitalizing on compatible interests.

Myth #4: The best negotiators just wing it

Intuition doesn’t serve people well in negotiation. Prior preparation pays off when you find yourself seated at the negotiation table. Be proactive (able to anticipate the reactions of opponents) rather than reactive (dependent upon the actions and reactions of opponents).

Myth #5: Negotiation is a threat

Reframe your perspective. Those who view negotiation as a challenge are more successful in reaching high-quality deals than people who perceive it as threatening.

Add a crucial communication and influence tool to your toolbox- the ability to negotiate! ⚒️ 🧰



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