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6 Health Habits I Live By

Health is a broad term. I like to break health down into what best-selling author, Robin Sharma, refers to as our 4 interior empires.

  1. Healthset (Physiology) 💪

  2. Mindset (Psychology) 🧠

  3. Heartset (Emotionality) ❤️

  4. Soulset (Spirituality) 🧘🏽‍♀️ Maximizing our personal greatness involves tending to each of these areas. Here are 6 habits I rely on to strengthen my 4 interior health empires.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise:

Following a consistent sleep schedule - going to bed and waking up at roughly the same times every day... (5 am and 9 pm - yes even on the weekends) has upgraded my sleep quality and quantity, performance, focus, and mood.

Plan Your Days out in Advance:

I operate with the mindset of helping out the "future me". What can I do today to ease the stress of "tomorrow me"? I do this by meal prepping, setting my clothes out the night before, planning my workouts in advance, and taking time at the end of each workday to make note of priority tasks for the following day.

Daily Journaling:

Taking a few minutes each day to practice gratitude, affirmations, and reflection allows me to appreciate what I currently have and put energy into creating and moving forward.

Move Your Body in Ways you Genuinely Enjoy:

There is freedom in exploring different types of movement rather than trying to fit yourself into one box. The daily process is more enjoyable when you fill your week with fitness activities you genuinely look forward to.

Limit Social Media Time:

We live in a world of digital "doomscrolling", distraction, endless notifications, and comparison. I find it beneficial to set time limits and strive to be intentional with my social media consumption. Taking time to unplug allows you to find silence and stillness - allowing you to recognize your priorities and remember who you truly are.

Schedule Self-Care:

Most people feel like they’re constantly running on autopilot. Prioritize checking in with yourself and allocating time to reset. What grounds you and brings you inner peace? What energizes you? Schedule more of those comfort activities and spend more time around people who fuel your joy.

Go out and build up your 4 interior empires today.

The seemingly small health habits we make every day add up over time.



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