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Gymtimidation? 3 tips to boost confidence

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Does going to the gym make you feel uneasy at times?

Can’t quite get yourself to go?

Visiting a new gym and feel kinda lost?

Oh shit, what if it’s crowded at the gym when I go?

Good news, you’re not alone.

Gymtimidation (aka gym intimidation) feelings are common and incredibly valid for anyone no matter what stage you’re at in your fitness journey.

Here are 3 tips to enjoy your time at the gym so you can focus on yourself and have a kickass workout.

1. Plan your workouts ahead of time

Like anything in life… there is a direct correlation between preparation and feeling confident. If you put in a little prep work before stepping foot in the gym, you’re going to be more confident when it’s time to start your workout.

That being said, don’t make up your workouts on the spot! Know exactly what you need so you don’t waste time dwelling on what exercises to do, what equipment you need, and what machines you will use.

I personally prefer to plan and track all of my workouts in a physical hardcover workout log (Amazon). I take this with me to the gym and it’s always near me. There are also plenty of apps on your phone that work great!

Once you build up your gym confidence you can try new things on the fly, but until then start out with a plan. It’s always a good idea to have a backup exercise/machine to use that you can sub into your workout in case you don’t want to wait for an open machine/piece of equipment. There’s always the option to switch around the order of your exercises if need be and come back to it. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but planning ahead makes it easier to adjust when the gym is crowded!

2. Wear something that makes you feel like a badass

When you look good, you feel good.

Jeez, how many times have we all heard that before?

It’s true though, what you wear affects how you show up no matter what environment you’re in. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing it’s usually noticeable in your body language. You have a confident, upbeat aura around you.

Likewise, we’ve all been there where we weren’t too sure about our outfit and then as a result our body language was slumped and we appear timid.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable! This doesn’t always look the same everyday. One day maybe you’re feeling bold in those colorful, bright Lululemon align bikers. Another day you could be feeling a more lowkey look with a baggy shirt, hat, AirPods in, and the “no one even look in my direction” type of vibe.

Go with what suits you and how you want to feel.

3. Focus on you, not the people around you.

For some this is easier said than done. Drown out the external noise around you!

The people and gym environment itself are irrelevant. Stay internal.

Whether it’s a killer Spotify playlist you created or your favorite motivational podcast… turn that shit up and get after it. Make sure your headphones are charged before heading out the door. Been there, done that … rookie mistake.

Newsflash, the overwhelming majority of people that go to the gym are only thinking about themselves and attacking their own workout. No one is judging you, and even if the slim chance they are … that’s their issue. Who cares what they think? I guarantee you they are probably focusing on bettering themselves just like you are there to do!

Sure, you might encounter the occasional creepers and starers. Ignore them if you can. Give them the benefit of the doubt the first time that it’s unintentional. If it gets to a point where you’re uncomfortable, then consider calling them out, telling the gym staff, or hey I’ve tried staring a hole straight back into their soul… that tends to make them pretty uncomfortable and stop too.

Don’t let Gymtimidation stop you from achieving your goals. Get excited about going to the gym now that you’re …

  1. Going in with a plan

  2. Dressing for peak vibes

  3. and Keeping the focus on improving YOU!



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