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NO Phone Zone- More Time and Energy Starts with Your Bedroom Habits

If you're anything like "6 months ago me " you probably leave your phone next to you on your nightstand when you sleep.

I didn't realize how much this seemingly simple habit was killing my morning motivation and ability to fall asleep ... that is until joining Team No Phone Zone.

Your Bedroom should be a No-Phone Zone at bedtime.

Leave your phone charging outside of your bedroom or if not possible, WELL outside of your physical reach at bedtime.

Why should you give this a try?

NO Phone Zone Benefits

  1. Eliminates nightly mindless social media scrolling that delays your actual bedtime

  2. Saves time in the morning to do productive sh*t rather than getting on your phone right away

  3. You have to physically get the F up when the alarm goes off ... NO snooze. Do it for your goals and Future You.

  4. Increase your sleep quantity and quality

  5. Turns the focus onto you - not other people

Bonus Challenge: Develop a personalized wind-down nighttime routine!

Some aspects could include:

  • Reading a book (Fiction is great - Colleen Hoover anyone?)

  • Journaling (I use The Gratitude Journal on Amazon )

  • Doing Yoga (I enjoy Yin-style yoga before bed - check out Yoga With Kassandra on YouTube )

  • Making Tea (Types to try Chamomile, Lavender, and Trader Joes Ginger Tumeric)

  • Set Phone-Free Downtime (Aim to "log off" 1 hour before bedtime)

Need more convincing to join Team No Phone Zone?

Check out Ben Meer from System Sunday's article that led me to this super simple, yet game-changing sleep, energy, and productivity habit:



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