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Stop being soft. Take hard action today.

I recently listened to Alexis Fernandez's audiobook, Be Bold, which touches on the difference between taking soft action and taking hard action.

We tend to favor soft action, whereas we avoid taking hard action.

Let's explore the difference:

Soft Action

Dipping your toes in cold water

  • Reading, Watching How-To's, Planning, Organizing

Hard Action

Taking a deep breath and jumping into the cold water

  • Actually starting, Getting up and doing the thing, Engaging in intensely focused work

We confuse logging hours with meaningful progress.

Living in alignment with your values and achieving personal goals requires taking more hard action.

Just like a cold water plunge, getting yourself to take hard action can be difficult and uncomfortable. When you take hard actions, you feel better afterward. You'll want to continue taking more hard action because of those feelings of accomplishment.

And if you don't feel great after?

Congrats, you learned! You now know more about yourself and what you truly want.

Start taking more hard action as it relates to your day and overall goals.

What hard action task will make you feel fulfilled at the end of the day?

Now think about a current goal you want to achieve in the next few months.

  • What are 2 hard action tasks you can take to set yourself up in the best possible position to actually reach that goal?

So yes- here's some tough love...

Stop being soft. Take hard action today.

The water is waiting - why not jump in?



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