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Stop Working out and Start Training - 4 Characteristics of those who Train with Intent

Want better fitness results?

Whether you’re an athlete, an avid gym goer, or want to start prioritizing your physical health - embrace the mindset of training.

There’s a distinction between working out and training.

There are those who struggle with consistent progress - these are the average, the people who occasionally “work out”. Then you have the separators who consistently train with intent. Here are 4 characteristics of the elite - those who have developed a training mindset:

#1: They're Consistent

They realize they don’t need to be perfect.

They've learned it's not about sheer intensity.

They've become intense about being consistent with the basics.

The basic, at times downright boring, is what actually works.

#2: They Follow a Training Program

Random workouts will lead to mediocre results.

They've figured out how often they would like to train based on their performance, health, and/or aesthetic goals. When it calls for it, they are willing to tinker and adjust their routine based on the different seasons of their life. Most of them work their days around their training sessions. Rather than trying to fit in a workout during the day. They hire coaches, write their own programs, or do group classes - they gravitate towards what works for them - a personalized routine they can commit to and enjoy.

#3: They Consume Enough Protein

Whether they are trying to build muscle or maintain lean body mass, they emphasize daily total protein intake. They eat to fuel their training performance, to feel great throughout the day, and to recover effectively. They start the day with a high-protein meal. They rely mainly on whole-food sources and use protein powders and bars as a convenient way to assist with reaching their daily protein intake targets.

#4: They Prioritize Sleep and Stress Management

They put their phone down at night and get 7+ hours of sleep. They form energizing daily routines and self-care habits that bring them joy. They take care of their body and understand the importance of rest days.

When you learn to embrace the daily grind, celebrate small wins, and are in it for the long haul - you are now training. The results you’re looking for will follow.

Embrace the mindset of training.



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