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The 24/7 Hustle is a Hoax - Why You Need to Stop Resisting Rest

Let's talk about Rest.

⁣NOTHING grows all year round at the same pace.

Take a look outside right now - maybe you see trees, plants, or flowers.

⁣Just like everything in nature, we all need Recovering and Rebuilding periods. ⁣

⁣If you don’t allocate time to rest your muscles, get quality sleep, and detach yourself from your work or craft … You will eventually be FORCED to rest because you’ll get sick and/or experience burnout (physical + mental).⁣

⁣The hustle 24/7 is a HOAX. ⁣

⁣Don’t resist your down times.

Take your breaks to feel replenished.

⁣Pausing forces you to slow the heck down and reassess what you’re doing. ⁣

⁣Ask yourself: ⁣

“Is this a time where I need to regroup and shake up what I’m doing?" ... OR "Do I continue on with my current process and keep moving along?” ⁣

⁣Resets allow you to level up. ⁣

Pausing allows for progress.

⁣So yes, ⁣

  • Take the dang rest day.⁣

  • Implement deload weeks into your strength training.⁣

  • Minimize the impulse to open up Outlook & Microsoft Teams during out-of-the-office time. ⁣

And PLEASE start showing yourself some grace for all your hard work.



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