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3 Fitness Mindset Shifts

Here are 3 mindset shifts you need if you're looking to make consistent, sustainable progress AND actually enjoy your fitness journey.

Performance > Aesthetics

Prioritize performance, movement, and skill-based goals over #bodygoals.

Achieving your performance goals will likely lead to the aesthetic changes you’re looking for.

Ex: Performance Goals- I want to increase the # of pullups I can do, I want to hip thrust 400lb for 6 reps, setting goals in the form of a daily habit: get a certain amount of vegetables or protein per day, etc

vs. Aesthetic Goals- I want bigger glutes or bigger arms, I want to lose x # of lbs, or I want to increase my muscle mass

You are more than your body. Set badass performance goals to work towards.

Functional > Fancy

The basics work - nail them down and stick to them.

Your training should be efficient, purpose-driven, and rely on foundational concepts.

Process > Quick Fix

Build habits you can commit to for the long haul.

Results from restrictive dieting and strenuous workouts you don’t enjoy will have short-lived results. Learn to enjoy your daily routine and be committed to the journey for lasting results.

Accept where you’re at NOW, explore what works for YOU, and be willing to put the sustainable work in.



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